Cyber Monday Deals FAQ

Using Gozoom Alerts

How to get the best deals? Avoid expiration? Avoid out of stock?

To get the very best Cyber Monday deals, sign up for Gozoom Alerts here. Gozoom Alerts will sort though thousands of Cyber Monday deals, so you don't have to.

If you prefer to stay anonymous, you can watch this page to see our top Cyber Monday picks.

Tips for registered Gozoom Alerts users:

What is the Alerts Dashboard?

The Gozoom Dashboard shows an overview of recent activities and lets you quickly:

What is the Alerts Settings page?

The Alerts Settings allows you to view and update your Gozoom Alerts account preferences. These include:

How do I change my password?

To change your password, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, in the "Account Settings" section, click "Change password", complete all fields and click "Update Password".

How do I change when Alerts are sent to me?

To change when Alerts are sent to you, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, in the "Time to Send Alerts" section, select the time of day you would like to receive your first alert.

What is the Alerts "Threshold" slider?

The "Threshold" slider is used to adjust the minumum Alerts rating score. Only Alerts that are relevant and meet the minimum "Score Threshold" will be sent to you. Setting a lower score will result in more Alerts sent, while a higher score will result in less Alerts sent.

Can I receive Alerts more than once a day?

Yes. To receive more than one email alert per day, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, in the "Also Send Alerts Every" section and select the intervals at which you would like to receive additional Alerts.

How do I change the number of Alerts I see per page?

To change how many Alerts you see on a page, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, in the "Number of Alerts Per Page" section and select how many Alerts you would like to see per page.

I only want certain categories of Alerts. Can I change the type of Alerts I receive?

Yes. You can change the type of Alerts you receive by telling us what kind of categories you like. First, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, scroll down to the "Categories" section on the "Alert Settings" page. To tell us which categories you like or dislike, click on the corresponding button next to each category.

For example, to receive more interesting Alerts in "Electronics", click the "Like" button next to "Electronics". If would like to get less Alerts in "Electronics", click the "Dislike" button. If you click "Neutral" for a "Electronics", you will neither get more, nor less Alerts in "Electronics".

Can I specify keywords to make my Alerts even more relevant?

Yes. To specify keywords used to order relevant Alerts, please go to the "Settings" page.

Scroll down to the "Search Terms" section on the "Alert Settings" page. In the "Enter Search Terms" input field, type in your keyword.

Next, click the "Like" button if you wish to receive more Alerts with that keyword or click the "Disike" button if you wish to receive less Alerts with that keyword. Lastly, click the "Add" button to add the keyword to the "My Search Terms" section.

What if I change my mind and I no longer "Like" or "Dislike" a search term?

If your preferences change on a keyword, you can alway update the "Like" and "Dislike" status of the term. First, please go to the "Settings" page.

Next, scroll down to the "Search Terms" section on the "Alert Settings" page. In the "My Search Terms" section, you can click the "Like", "Neutral" and "Dislike" buttons to change your preference of a keyword.

To edit the keyword, click on the specific word or the pencil icon in the right-hand column. If you wish to remove the keyword entirely, you can click on the trashcan icon in the right-hand column.

How do I contact Gozoom Alerts?

Please contact us by using the Contact page here.


How often do you update the front page?

The Gozoom Alerts staff combs through Internet for deals on a daily basis. We then post the best bargains available on our front page throughout the day, so you won’t miss a deal.

Do you sell the products listed on Gozoom Alerts?

Gozoom Alerts doesn't sell the products we list. We only report on the deals, discounts and sales we find to let our readers know what great offers are available.

How do I buy a recommended deal listed on Gozoom Alerts?

Each alert we list has a link to the seller's web site, along with a short description and price of the product. To buy the item, click on the alert title link and follow their instructions on the seller’s web page.

Why is the price for a deal different on the seller’s site than what was posted on Gozoom Alerts?

Although the Gozoom Alerts staff tries to verify each deal published, sometimes deals are so good they expire quickly after they are posted. Please let us know if an alert is no longer valid (or if you find a better deal) by contacting us here.

Why can't I find an alert I saw earlier?

It's likely the deal expired. Expired deals are given less relevance, so they won't appear as a top result. If you want to view the deal, you can try entering the search term in our search bar and review the search results.

Does Gozoom Alerts handle any rebates?

Gozoom Alerts does not handle or process rebates. Our site only alerts you of available rebates from sellers or manufacturers.

Some final thoughts:

Known Limitations

Gozoom Alerts is continually improving its service and features on a regular basis. As a result, users may encounter performance issues when using the web site, which include the following:

Please feel free to report any problems or concerns by contacting us here.